Lessons & Fees

The department offers private instruction in voice, piano, fortepiano, organ, harpsichord, harp, violin, Baroque violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, viola da gamba, flute (Baroque and modern), oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, French horn, trombone, recorder, lute, classical guitar, saxophone, percussion, and marimba; and private jazz instruction in piano, violin, viola, guitar (electric and acoustic), bass (electric and acoustic), saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone, percussion, drum set and voice. We will make every attempt to accommodate students wishing private instruction in instruments not currently taught. Information concerning auditions and course requirements for noncredit and credit study is given under listings for Music 99, 198, 199, 298, 299, 344 and 398. Except for 344 and 398, auditions are ordinarily given at the start of the first semester.  Please visit the Auditions information page for audition dates and times.

Arrangements for lessons are made at the department office during Orientation or the first week of the semester. Students may begin private study in 99 (but not 198, 199, 298 or 299) at the start of the second semester if space permits.

Music 99 - Performing Music: Private Instruction for Non-Credit

Open to all students: Corequisite of Music 100 during same academic year is exempted via the Music Theory Placement Evaluation or fulfilled in the same academic year in which the lessons begin. Partial scholarships are available. Please contact Eliko Akahori, eakahori@wellesley.edu for more information. An audition or an initial meeting with the instructor is required prior to registration. Please Note: Lessons are a full-year (two semesters) commitment.

Music 198, 199, 298, 299, 398 - Performing Music: Private Instruction for Credit

Credit for performing music at the 198, 199, 298, 299, and 398 levels is granted only for study with the department's performance faculty, not with outside instructors; decision for acceptance is based on the student's audition. One unit of credit is granted for a full year (2 semesters) of study in either 198, 199 or 298, 299 or 398. While the performance music courses (99, 198, 199, 298, 299, 344, 398) may be repeated without limit, no more than four units of credit in these courses may be counted toward the degree. More than one course in performing music for credit can be taken simultaneously only by special permission of the department. One academic music course must be taken each year as a corequisite in order to receive one credit in performing music. If a student must take MUS 100 as a result of the Music Theory Placement Evaluation, this course counts as the corequisite for the first year of lessons. Please note: Lessons are a full-year commitment.

The department's MUS 198, 199, 298, 299, and 398 course offerings are made possible by the estate of Elsa Graefe Whitney, Class of 1918.

Music 344: Advanced Performance Seminar

The performance workshop is directed by two members of the performance faculty. It offers advanced students an opportunity to perform frequently in an informal setting before fellow students and faculty, to discuss repertoire and interpretation, and to receive constructive comments. The work in class will culminate in presenting a full recital at the end of the academic year. Students need to be recommended by the jury panel prior to registration.


For students taking lessons for credit, there is no lesson fee. Students who register for performing music instruction under Music 99 are charged $1014 for a weekly 30 minute lesson per year and may register for 45-minute or 60 minute lesson for an additional charge. Partial scholarships are available to students taking Music 99. Music lessons at Wellesley involve a full-year commitment though lesson registration is binding for each semester. Performing music lesson fees are due within 30 days of registration.

Group Lessons

Weekly group lessons in voice, classical guitar, and violin are available. Groups meet once a week for 10 weeks each semester at a cost of $150.