Barbara Beltz

Barbara Beltz
Curriculum Vitae
(781) 283-3048
B.A., Mount Holyoke College; M.S., Ph.D., Princeton University
SC 383

Barbara S. Beltz

Allene Lummis Russell Professor of Neuroscience

Passions for serotonin and adult neurogenesis! Excited about the wonderful neuroscience program at Wellesley College.

My research focuses on the production of new neurons in the adult nervous system (adult neurogenesis), using the crustacean brain as the model system. My laboratory’s primary goal is to understand the sequence of events leading to the production of new nerve cells and the regulatory processes that influence these events. We have identified the primary precursor (stem) cells that produce the new neurons, the migratory pathway followed by their daughters, and the timing of neuronal differentiation. Our work has shown how environmental (e.g., day-night cycle; diet), behavioral (e.g., locomotion), and endogenous (hormones; serotonin; nitric oxide) signals result in the selective activation of neuronal and molecular pathways controlling neuronal birth. We are particularly interested in the relationship between the nervous and hematopoietic systems, and how circulating cells may interact with neuronal precursors.

I love teaching undergraduates in the laboratory and the classroom. My lab generally has five to 10 students doing research related to adult neurogenesis. In the classroom, I teach core courses in the Neuroscience Program, as well as advanced classes such as Developmental Neuroscience, and Neuroscience and the Law. Favorite truisms my students will recognize are, "A neuron is a neuron is a neuron" and, "Serotonin is life"! My Wellesley "family" now extends back over 20 years. I particularly enjoy networking with my "lab daughters," and take great pride in their many accomplishments.

I love writing (I was an English major in college!). My research has resulted in the publication of more than 75 research articles, as well as two books that integrate research and teaching: Immunocytochemical Techniques: Principles and Practice; and, Discovering Neurons: The Experimental Basis of Neuroscience. In 2004, I was elected a member of the Corporation of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Woods Hole, Mass. I also serve on the external advisory committee for INBRE (Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) grant for the state of Maine, and as a consultant for the Sherman Fairchild Foundation.

My life away from Wellesley focuses on my incredible family: husband, Jerry (Associate Director of Research, New England Regional Center for Excellence, Harvard Medical School); three children, Christopher (Trinity College '02), Nora (Colby College '05), and Martha (Hobart and William Smith Colleges '11); and superdog, Cabal. I enjoy traveling, writing, skiing, scuba diving, and gardening.