Dr. Silvana Allodi, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil PDF file
Dr. Steffen Harzsch, University of Greifswald, Dept. Cytology and Evolutionary Biology, 17498 Greifswald, Germany PDF file
Dr. Nancy Kolodny, Department of Chemistry, Wellesley College PDF file PDF file
Dr. David Sandeman, formerly at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia PDF file PDF file PDF file
Dr. Irene Söderhäll, Department of Comparative Physiology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden



Dr. Daniel Hartline, Békésy Laboratory of Neurobiology, University of Hawaii
Dr. Robert Huber, Department of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green University PDF file
Dr. Edward Kravitz, Neurobiology Department, Harvard Medical School PDF file PDF file
Dr. Eve Marder, Volen Center and Biology Department, Brandeis University PDF file
Dr. DeForest Mellon, Department of Biology, University of Virginia PDF file
Dr. Michael Tlusty, Edgerton Lab, New England Aquarium, Boston PDF file
Dr. Gro van der Meeren, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway