Requesting Transfer Credits

Transfer Credit Requests for the Neuroscience Major

Please read the Registrar's guidelines first.

Any transfer credit request for the Neuroscience major must be:

  1. Pre-approved (before taking the course) by the Chair.
  2. Done through the registrar’s website (accessed via My Wellesley).
  3. Accompanied with a link to a PDF of the course syllabus in Google Drive (please make the PDF viewable by all and paste the link into the syllabus field of the request) or provide a link to an on-line version of the syllabus.

Please do not email the Chair with a list of courses asking which ones can count towards the major. Rather, choose the course you would like to take and submit the request via My Wellesley. If the course is denied, then request the next course of your choice.

The following MIT courses will be approved:

Cog Neuro Sci category

9.24 Disorders and Diseases of the Nervous System

9.46 Neuroscience of Morality

Cell and Mol Category
9.301[J] Neural Plasticity in Learning and Memory

9.42 The Brain and Its Interface with the Body


No more than 3 off-campus courses may be applied towards the Neuroscience major. This 3-course limit includes MIT courses.  (For additional information on registering for MIT courses, view this page on the Registrar's website.)   

The 300-level lab requirement must be taken at Wellesley.

200 vs. 300 level: In general, if the course is lecture-based, most of the reading is from a textbook, and the evaluation is exam-based, then it will be considered as a 200-level course. If the course is more discussion-based, most of the reading is from original research articles, and the evaluation is written or project based, then it will be considered as a 300-level course. Any 300-level course must have a substantial neuroscience component, while many 200-level courses cover broad foundational subject areas.

An off-campus course does not need to match an existing course in the Wellesley curriculum. In many cases it is better to take a course that is not offered at Wellesley in order to expand a student’s opportunities.

As per College policy, no credit is given for on-line courses.

No credit is given for community college courses unless a course(s) is accepted when the student transfers to Wellesley.