Research and Internship Opportunities

Research & Internship Opportunities

Wellesley students majoring in Neuroscience benefit from being able to participate in real projects using cutting-edge equipment, and working with our world-class faculty.

Students present at national meetings, including the Society of Neuroscience and Endocrine Society Meeting .

A select group of students also present each year at the Wellesley College Ruhlman Conference, where students present their work to an unusually wide audience. By providing an opportunity for public presentation of what is often a private, isolated activity, the Ruhlman Conference will demonstrate that research can be part of the ongoing conversation in a community of scholars.

1-page Research FAQs in brief

Student Projects

How glutamate transporters affect lifespan and behavior in the worm, C. Elegans  (with Deb Bauer)

How do circadian rhythms influence the birth of new neurons in lobsters  (with Barb Beltz)

What are the neural mechanisms of learning and memory of vocal communication signals in songbirds?  (with Sharon Gobes)

How do estrogens regulate energy homeostasis and the gut microbiome in females  (with Marc Tetel)

Internal State modulates sensory perception in the fruit fly, Drosophila  (with Sara Wasserman)

Sensory detection: what are the neural correlates of perceiving an auditory stimulus? (with Mike Wiest)