Newhouse Center leadership team: Lauren Cote, Julie Walsh, and Irene Mata

Let’s work together.

The Suzy Newhouse Center seeks partners for campus-wide programming and research initiatives. Plan a reading group on a topic of interest to you and your Wellesley colleagues; propose an innovative Newhouse course or an open class session; plan an event that would benefit from wider collaboration. Proposals are welcome.

Reading Groups

A faculty reading group can be convened on any topic that interests two or more Wellesley faculty members, at least one of whom represents a humanities department. Normally, a reading group meets approximately three times at the Suzy Newhouse Center during a semester. A stipend of up to $1,000 will be available for use by the leader or leaders of the group to offset the cost of books, refreshments, or a visit by an external speaker/discussant. At the end of each year, the group must submit a brief report (one to two paragraphs) about its progress. Faculty are encouraged to apply early in the academic year as we have limited funds for this purpose. Please write to the director.


Newhouse courses sharpen students’ methodological skills and demonstrate the value of studying the humanities. These courses may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ‘Open class sessions’ that bring together a set of courses around a broad humanistic theme and demonstrate different approaches to that theme.A capstone event in which students present their final projects to students and faculty
  • A capstone event in which students present their final projects to students and faculty
  • Experiential learning opportunities, such as field trips, with final reports by students
  • A demonstration by a performer, artist, or musician, with student participation
  • A course or set of courses that include one or more guest speakers, working with the director on a public event
  • A communal project, such as a group translation effort

The center will give priority to collaborative courses that can be integrated into the curriculum on a long-term basis. Interested faculty are encouraged to write to the director with ideas.


The Suzy Newhouse Center seeks active faculty partners to collaborate with us on a Newhouse event or series.

Complete the submission form to propose a collaboration.