Letter from the Director

Anjali Prabhu
239A Green Hall

(781) 283-2629




Welcome to the Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities!

Our interdisciplinary work at the Center has focused on “method.” Through a series of Ateliers conceived from a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary standpoints, Newhouse Resident Fellows and faculty from Wellesley and the Boston area have been thinking more consciously and explicitly about humanistic inquiry. The Distinguished Thinkers Program continues to flourish, draws an audience from the New England area and beyond, and provides the opportunity to forge collectives that have taken the form of book clubs, discussion groups, and other specially designed forums that are energized by Wellesley students from all disciplines. We have also been building strong connections between the Newhouse Center and our student resident life. Through this, we further our commitment to fostering conversation and collective deep thinking by groups of students constituted completely outside their disciplinary identities. I welcome any member of the community to propose a reading group, made up of a mix of members of our community and beyond, around any visitor in the Distinguished Thinkers Program. We have continued another new initiative, begun in 2015-16, of Newhouse Courses in the Humanities. This program links specific curricula to Newhouse Center programming. In 2016-17, we had three Newhouse courses - two in the fall, which were linked to the Global India Series, and one linked to the entire spring schedule of visits. A brand new project for next year, conceived in collaboration with the Provost’s Office, is the pilot Teaching-Faculty Resident Fellowships program, which will bring three Wellesley faculty members to the NCH as resident fellows in the course of 2017-18. Teaching-Faculty Resident Fellows will receive a one-course release while they work on submission of an article to a peer-reviewed journal.


In general, most events sponsored and supported by the Newhouse Center will tend to be approached as the culmination of a project rather than as a scheduled incident. Typically, these will involve collaboration with the fellows in residence and the use of Newhouse infrastructure to bring in others from within and well beyond the college to participate in and support the endeavor. To this end, projects in the most creative formats, promoting unusual conversations or unpredictable partnerships will be viewed with great enthusiasm and favor for Newhouse support. The community is encouraged to approach the Director or a member of the Advisory Committee with these ideas well in advance. 


Please contact our Program Coordinator with any questions. Our Executive Assistant is a recent Wellesley graduate who is doing an post-graduate fellowship in France. Recent graduates may apply for this position by contacting the Program Coordinator. Students have become active participants in running the center: from creating posters, invitations, and flyers, to assisting with the courses, making arrangements for speakers, helping to host our visitors in a variety of ways, to doing research, managing calendars, interviewing, managing our social media, webpage, and our extensive media requirements. The center can no longer run without our student-power! Please see our student assistants’ profilesAll of our student assistant positions have now been filled for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Some immediate opportunities at the Center include the collaborative interdisciplinary challenge; having your department or unit meeting hosted by the Center; integration of a Newhouse fellow into your teaching, research, or other campus activity; workshop or Atelier for Wellesley faculty or other faculty proposed by a Wellesley faculty member.


A new project that has come to fruition is the junior resident fellowships for Wellesley students. You can see their profile here.


Please come by and visit the Center, and continue to visit us virtually to keep abreast of our programs.


Best wishes,




15 May, 2017