Program Coordinator
Corey McMullen
239B Green Hall
(781) 283 - 2698
Corey McMullen is an alumnus of Bridgewater State University’s class of 2014 and is originally from Groton, Massachusetts. Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor degree in Communications Studies and a minor in Psychology, he has worked in Customer Service, Community Engagement and Outreach, Hospitality, and Event/Conference Planning. With a passion for humanistic approaches to individual’s autonomy and life, he is happy to have a chance to contribute to the Newhouse Center for the Humanities. He is also very excited to be exploring the Center’s global engagement while working alongside the Director, Anjali Prabhu. When not at work, you will find Corey free writing, going running, hiking, cooking, and taking photography.
Executive Assistant
Ningyi Xi
Ningyi graduated from Wellesley in 2017 and is doing a fellowship in Paris while working part-time for the Suzy Newhouse Center. She majored in art history and classical civilization and also took a variety of classes in linguistics, history, sociology, and French. Always seeking to expand her horizons of knowledge, Ningyi is ecstatic to continue working at the Newhouse Center which provides numerous opportunities for intellectual growth.
Student Assistants
Christina Chen
Christina is a sophomore from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While her major is currently undecided, she has a great passion for learning and is interested in a wide variety of subjects, including philosophy, languages, graphic design and music. When not in class, Christina enjoys reading, photography and is an avid fan of food. She is so excited for her first year working at the Suzy Newhouse Center, which offers many intellectual and educational opportunities to broaden the horizons of the Wellesley community.
Melissa Loza
Melissa is a sophomore from the Washington DC metropolitan area. An intended political science major and East Asian studies minor, she is passionate about global development, travelling, and Japanese culture and aesthetics. With a strong love for Wellesley and the amazing community it brings together, Melissa is excited to explore new, global perspectives on art, performance, and culture through the Center.

Madhur Wale

Madhur is a sophomore from Pune, India. Although still unsure of what she wants to major in, she is very interested in the History and Art Departments as well as the Russian Area Studies at Wellesley. In her spare time, she enjoys long naps, good conversations, and reading. She is very excited for her first semester working at the Suzy Newhouse Center!

Ciara Wardlow
Ciara is a junior from Chicago, Illinois. As a Cinema and Media Studies and Biological Sciences double major, she is interested in just about everything, but especially how media depiction relates to public perception of the sciences. In her free time she likes to watch obscure old movies and read obscure old books. She enjoys being exposed to new ideas, and as such is thrilled to work at the Newhouse Center.

Abby Ow

Abby is a first-year from New Jersey. She has no idea what she wants to major in, but figures that’s okay. She can be found sleeping all over the public spaces on campus or reading a book while trying make a fork land in her mouth. She likes reading, anime, traveling, and dying her hair. She’s excited to work at the Newhouse Center!




Margaux Delaney

Margaux is a sophomore from Los Gatos, California. She is a Medieval and Renaissance Studies major looking to specialize in English literature. Outside of school, she also enjoys playing and listening to classical music.







Matilda Berke

Matilda Berke, a first-year from Los Angeles, is the founder/editor-in-chief of the Wellesley Business Review, a classical pianist, and a published author planning to double major in English and International Relations-Economics. She's passionate about ethical finance, creative expression, and global human rights; after she graduates from Wellesley, she hopes to pursue a joint JD/MBA and help shape global financial markets. At the Newhouse Center, she's currently researching the use of Afro-Caribbean symbols in Latin American literature with Professor Rosemary Feal. 



Soomin Kim

Soomin is a sophomore from New Jersey majoring in Media Arts and Sciences. She is a fan of fish and interested in learning more about the vast applications of art and the experiences they generate. She is excited to be working at the Newhouse Center, where the humanities & arts are celebrated and given spaces to deepen and broaden!









Samantha Lai

Samantha is a first-year student from Hong Kong. She hasn't really decided on what she wants to major in yet, but she's extremely interested in anything related to political science and economics. She is thrilled to be working at the Newhouse Center!






Aditi Saha

A long way from home, Aditi is a sophomore from Singapore. Passionate about biological engineering and economics, she is fascinated by the role of finance in transforming the field of medicine. Outside the classroom Aditi loves pottery, doodling and meditating. As a member of the center, she hopes to be a part of the discussion and cultivation of art, culture and humanities on campus.







Michela Gerardin

Michela is a first-year from Glastonbury, Connecticut. She is passionate about history, literature, and all the humanities and has a hard decision ahead of her as to her major. Moreover, she must decide what era in history she would like to study in depth (though she’s fond of so many of them). She also loves the French language and hopes to live at French House and study in Aix. The Newhouse Center’s dedication to the humanities and to fostering multi-cultural dialogue is what drew her to it, and she is ecstatic to be a part of the team!