Faculty, Students, and WCW Scholars Share Findings at Conference and Meet Local Alumnae and Students

August 8, 2013

Several members of the Wellesley College community presented at the American Psychological Association's 121st Annual Convention July 31-August 4, 2013 in Honolulu.

And on August 1, many of them joined members of the Wellesley Club of Hawaii at an event the club hosted to welcome incoming first-year Emily Natori '17, to wish bon voyage to returning students and greet their families, and to gather with local alumnae. 

APA Presenters

Assistant Professor of Psychology Angela Bahns presented a poster called The Opposite of Backlash: High-SDO People Discriminate Less When Status Disparities Are Large, on a study she coauthored with Christian S. Campbell.

Senior Lecturer in Psychology Linda Carli presented a poster, Stereotypes About Women, Men, and Scientists, covering work coauthored with Laila Alawa '12, Yoon Ah Lee '13, Bei Zhao '10, and Elaine Kim '10.

Professor of Psychology Jonathan Cheek presented two posters: Cohort Differences in College Women's Sexual Attitudes and Behavior Between 2003 and 2012, coauthored wth Margaret Hamm Professor of Psychology Julie Norem and April R. Yeaney '12; and Distinctions Among Overt, Covert, and Adaptive Types of Narcissism: Conceptualization and Measurement , coauthored by Class of 1949 Professor in Ethics and Professor of Psychology Paul Wink, Katharine M. Hargreaves '13, and Jamie L. Derr '12.

Professor of Psychology Tracy Gleason also presented two posters: Awareness of Unilateral Friendships in Preschool-Aged Children, coauthored by Terry Gleason and Jerome A. Schiff Fellow Paula Yust '13; and Divergence in Symbolic Pretend Play and Social Imagination: The Case of Deafness, coauthored by Melissa F. Haley '11 and Associate Professor of Psychology Jennie Pyers.

Scholars from the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) presenting at the APA included:

Linda Charmaraman, WCW research scientist, presented “Beliefs about Bullies and Their Victims: Voices from Middle School Students,” a paper she authored with Ashleigh Jones. She is also presenting “Do As I Say, Not As I Did: Parents Talk with Teens about Sex,” authored with Jennifer Grossman.

Sumru Erkut, WCW associate director and senior research scientist, presented the paper, “Girls of Color: Strengths and Challenges,” at the Working with Women of Color—Challenges, Intersections, and Opportunities session.

Erkut also presented a poster, “Can Comprehensive Sex Education that Engages Parents Delay Sexual Debut? Gendered Patterns,” authored by Erkut, Grossman, Allison Tracy, and Ineke Ceder.

Michelle Porche, WCW associate director and senior research scientist, and Charmaraman presented “Teacher Transformation through Experiential Learning to Promote Inclusive Education,” a paper authored by Porche, Grossman, and Charmaraman. 

Wellesley has a long association with the APA. According to its records, on Dec. 29, 1904, APA members elected as their president Mary Whiton Calkins, a professor of Wellesley College, making APA the first American scientific society to elect a woman president.