Wellesley Magazine Features Alumnae on the Farm, in the City, on the Go

August 30, 2013

Cheese, small businesses, self-discovery and did we mention cheese? The Summer 2013 issue of Wellesley magazine has it all.

Published four times a year for over 34,000 alumnae, the magazine portrays the lives, interests, and concerns of diverse alumnae around the world while fostering lifelong personal connections. This issue includes highlights from Commencement 2013 and a series of alumnae reflections on the joys of urban living during the summer.

We asked editor Alice Hummer to talk about the cover story “Cheese Whizzes.” Here’s what she wrote:

For some time, we've been noticing a growing trend—alumnae breaking into the culinary industry, which traditionally has been male dominated. Cheese seemed to be a particular focus for a group of younger alums, and as we looked for a fun story to lead the summer issue, it just all coalesced. Even the writer was a natural—Louisa Kasdon ’72—who is a very experienced food writer, who won the M.F.K. Fisher Prize for Excellence in Culinary Writing in 2008. It turns out this was not just a food story—but a story about women following their passion and taking risks, leaving established, successful careers to run goat farms or open cheese stores as entrepreneurs.

"Cheese attracts thoughtful people," says one of the alums in the story, and we found these alums clearly using their liberal-arts training to make a go of it in the cheese world. It was also great fun for the staff to put this piece together. The photos made us smile (we can't remember the last time goat faces graced our pages!) and the fact-checking made our mouths water. We've had a great response from alums, including a tweet from a ’06 alum: "@wellesleymag This cover story on lady cheesemongers made my night. You really know your way around a girl's heart."

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