A Wellesley Take on Game of Thrones Occupies Severance Green for an Afternoon

September 20, 2013

Word went out Tuesday night: Lake Day tomorrow! 

The invitation was a Game of Thrones-style map of the campus inviting all and sundry to gather on Severance Green at high noon.

The Schneider Board of Governors (SBOG) hosts Lake Day with a different theme each year, but its date is top secret until the night before. As soon as word of Lake Day’s date is revealed, tweets and Facebook posts start popping up from students, friends, and alums wishing Wellesley happy Lake Day. Years ago Lake Day grew out of the desire for students to take a break from the rigors of their academic pursuits and have fun, join together, and enjoy the campus surroundings. Past Lake Day themes have included Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Grease.

Lake Day’s theme this year was Game of Thrones. SBOG wanted to encourage as many people to join in the festivities as possible by having students sign in as their "House" (residence hall) and the House with the highest percentage of participants to show up would have a Pinkberry party put on by SBOG. (The results are being counted as of this writing).

The Game of Thrones environment included a castle (albeit bouncy) and two different jousting stations. Champions of the joust were granted a plastic sword by SBOG's mascot, the SBOG Frog, and SBOG distributed crowns and goblets to all as Lake Day souvenirs. Fried dough, cotton candy, and popcorn kept the contestants and spectators sated, and a D.J. supplied 21st century tunes that wafted up from Severance Green and across Lake Waban and the Academic Quad in the clear September air.

“The day was absolutely beautiful,” said Nathalie Davidson ’14, “so as a senior as well as a senior on SBOG, it was the best last Lake Day I could have imagined.”