A Wellesley Senior’s Love Note to Her Planner

May 9, 2014
giant purple balloon octopus suspended from Science Center ceiling

Dearest Planner,

What would I have done without you these past four years at Wellesley?

First, I want to say thank you. I know I’ve put quite a strain on you with all the scratched-out homework assignments, writing at least five different to-do lists a day, checking off all the items on the to-do list, then of course the writing-items-just-to-cross-them-off-and-feel-productive to-do lists, and constantly flipping back and forth between weeks to make sure I didn’t miss anything…. You’ve been a gem for putting up with my frantic scribbles. Without you, Planner, I would have been horribly lost throughout my years at Wellesley. Jumping from meeting to meeting, riding the Peter Pan to that UROP, none of that scheduled fun could have been possible without you.

Today, on my very last day of undergraduate classes, I write one of my last Wellesley to-do lists (until finals, that is.) With all the fun going on, what better way to plan my day than by writing it down!?

  1. Find the gown you threw somewhere
  2. Do laundry? or get a job?
  3. Instagram #selfie decorations from last night (XX Pro or Valencia?)
  4. Put gown on before class
  5. Go to class -
  6. hooray/wah you’re done! 12:20 - final lunch meeting for org
  7. work out... (take nap)
  8. Go to Stepsinging at 4:15, Chapel Steps - convince Little to come. Don’t forget I.D. & purple boa - champagne showers, baby! Welcome to the Alumnae Association (oh gosh)
  9. Last day of classes concert @ 5, Munger Meadow <3 Bearstronaut and Chance the Rapper! Thank you SBOG
  10. Enjoy the weekend before finals start :)
  11. Try to get Stepsinging songs out of your head... “O, thou Tupelo!”

Wendy Wellesley ’14


—Nathalie Davidson ’14