Arrr, Mateys! Beebe Residents Fly the (Nice) Pirate Flag

September 19, 2014
jolly roger flies above Beebe entrance

In a world of countless hashtagged Instagram holidays, it can be difficult to discern which demands full-fledged celebration. At Wellesley, however, one residence hall wholeheartedly embraces International Talk Like a Pirate Day without hesitation.

Beebe Hall, constructed in 1908 at the bequest of Nantucket whaler and Wellesley parent Captain John Beebe, is a popular home for athletes and academics alike who seek to let their inner-Jolly Rogers fly. Says Beebe senior Ayana Aaron, “I don't know how the whole pirate thing started, but I love it! We're pirates, but nice pirates.”

(Beebe Hall contains architectural details with nautical themes in honor of its benefactor, but Captain Beebe himself was no pirate. Perhaps the fact that there is no International Talk Like a Whaler Day sheds light on why the pirate theme emerged.)

Aaron was placed in Beebe as a sophomore resident assistant and has since twice chosen to remain there, first as a First Year Mentor and now as House President. “[I] fell in love with Beebe's community, spirit, and Pirate Pride. I couldn't leave after that.”

Aaron isn’t the only Beebe resident who regularly exhibits mischievously nautical tendencies: Sophomore Ciaran Gallagher is an enthusiastic pirate and varsity rower who is well aware of salty-dog protocol. When asked about her plans for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Gallagher replies, “I plan to yell our war cry ‘Pillage Plunder...,’ wearing my Beebe sweatshirt and possibly a red bandana.”

Regardless of residence hall affiliation, students are invited to stop by Beebe on September 19 to take part in some Honor Code-abiding pirate trickery, and, if lucky, successfully plunder a healthy dose of deep-seated Wellesley tradition.

Katelyn Campbell '17

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