Local Organizations Receive Kitchen Equipment, Furniture, and Other Goods

August 5, 2014
Wellesley students in dorm room

With any renovation project, the “in with the new” must be proceeded by an “out with the old.” So what happens to usable furniture and equipment when they are replaced with newer, more functional options? Whenever possible, the answer to that question at Wellesley is to ensure it is used elsewhere.

When the kitchens in Munger, Beebe and Cazenove Halls were taken off-line recently for upgrades, for example, one of the first steps was to consult with food services provider AVI to determine what kitchen equipment could be utilized elsewhere on campus. Equipment that could not be used on campus was earmarked for donation to charitable organizations.

Representatives from The Greater Boston Food Bank inspected kitchen equipment and helped compile packets containing descriptions and photos of available furniture and appliances to distribute to local organizations. Pearl Street Cupboard and Café, which operates food pantry locations in Framingham, Marlborough and Clinton as part of the United Way of Tri-County’s food security initiative, chose a flat top stove, a prep table, a refrigerated display and warming cabinet from Wellesley; LifeBridge, a 34-bed shelter that provides meals to shelter residents and community members in need, accepted three prep tables for their Salem, Massachusetts facility; and Pilgrim Church in Dorchester, received a double-bay, temperature-controlled serving tray.

New furniture for McAfee Hall, which allows for greater flexibility in room set-ups, means that many beds had become available for donation as well, and additional nonprofit organizations benefitted from those contributions. Casa Esperanza, founded in 1984 as a grassroots response to the crisis of alcohol and drug abuse in the Latino community, received 40 beds; Volunteers of America received 10 beds to be used for a residential treatment program; and Old Colony YMCA received 8 beds.

Wellesley had yet another opportunity to take advantage of “cleaning house” when faculty and staff packed their belongings for the renovations in Founders Hall and Green Hall. As books were sorted this summer, many were shared or set aside for donation to Big Hearted Books and Clothing, Inc., which in turn will redistribute them through resale or donation to groups in need, such as prisons, senior centers, kindergartens and town libraries.

Wellesley will continue to be mindful of how the resources available to us can also benefit others as renewal projects continue across the College. For information on projects underway and upcoming on campus, please visit The Dirt, for additional campus renewal project updates.