Three Standouts Recognized among 100+ Great Photos

January 23, 2015
young student studies by candlelight in dark

The 2014 Tanner Conference hosted a photo contest, and the results are in. Seven judges voted on more than 100 entries submitted by Tanner presenters. Not an easy task!

The photo at right, Light up the Future, was named second place. It was taken by Mojia Shen '18 in Sadhana Village, Pune, India. Shen explains:

"When we have been taking basic supplies and quality education for granted, sustained and affordable electricity and education is still out of reach for a larger area in the world than we can imagine. This young boy is studying under the dim light, trying to grow through his educational experience--just like what we are striving for. This picture also captures the cultural setting, with the Indian gods statue and oil light."

Named first place among photos was a landscape, "On the Edge of Horseshoe Bend," shot by Ashley K. Funk '16 (below). Says Funk, "I took this photo after traveling around the American Southwest for my scholar orientation for the Udall Foundation near Tucson, Arizona. The orientation brings together 50 scholars who have been chosen for their dedication to working in the fields of environmental and Native American policy and advocacy, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the scholars at the orientation." Horseshoe Bend is near Page, Ariz.

Horseshoe Bend, southwestern river canyon

Third place was awarded to Anita Yau '17 for her photo of honeybees in the process of being tagged. She took the photo at Wellesley College.