Wellesley Students Ready Signs, Support for 2015 Boston Marathon

April 17, 2015
Marathon Monday Munger signs

Do you hear that? Monday is Marathon Day, which can only mean one thing at Wellesleythe Wellesley College Scream Tunnel!

Taking part in a tradition as old as the Marathon itself, Wellesley students line the section of the Boston Marathon course that runs adjacent to the College’s campus. They cheer on runners, and offer high-fives, hugs, and kisses of support to runners on the long trek to mile 26.2. The students’ cheers are so loud, some runners report being able to hear the cheers from up to a mile away.

Making sure they’re seen and heard, Wellesley students also make encouraging (and often humorous!) signs for Marathon runners. This practice was institutionalized in 2011 by the then-House President of Munger Hall, allowing friends and family of participants to submit requests for specific signs via an online Google form. 

Over the years, the Scream Tunnel has become a very important part of the Boston Marathon, so much so that it was recently immortalized by artist Hope Phelan as part of “a series of marathon-inspired paintings that celebrate the joy and whimsy of the race.” Phelan’s paintings, including a depiction of the Wellesley Scream Tunnel, are on view at Marathon Sports Brookline through April 20.

Good luck to the Wellesley Community members running in this year’s Marathon!

Lydia Han ’18, running for Natick Community Organic Farm
Tara Gupta ’16
Holly Shreckengast ’15
Ildi Gaal ’14
Dori Berman ’14
Maggie McConnell ’14, running for The Autism Research Foundation
Nicole Hatem 
Amy Wolkin ’12
Laura Stevens ’11
Kate Spelman ’10, running for Dream Big!
Becky Kimball, Director of Sport Performance and Fitness and Assistant Professor of the Practice, running for the Franklin Park Coalition

- Katelyn Campbell ’17 contributed to this story.