Student's Photo Captures Kenneth Snelson’s Sculpture Mozart III

July 10, 2015
Photo of Kenneth Snelson's Sculpture Mozart III on the Wellesley College campus

Consisting of an angular matrix of polished stainless steel tubes joined by wire cables, the sculpture Mozart III communicates the music and “poetry” associated with its namesake. On a recent sunny day, Jennifer Lyon-Mackie ‘18, a student assistant in the public affairs office, captured this photo of the sculpture with sunlight streaming through.

Mozart III is a work by internationally renowned sculptor Kenneth Snelson. On his website, Snelson describes his work as being concerned “with nature in its primary aspect [and] the patterns of physical forces in three dimensional space.” His sculptures often center around the concept of “floating compression”— what Buckminster Fuller called “tensegrity,” a gravity-independent system of push-pull forces that exist in dynamic equilibrium.

The piece, which stands 24 by 24 by 30 feet, is located near the Science Center and is visible from College Road. A gift from Lynn Dixon Johnston ’64 and Robert F. Johnston, it was first installed in July 2008. The Johnstons made the gift permanent in 2012.  They also donated a Clement Meadmore sculpture, Upsurge, which is installed between the Davis Parking Structure and Diana Chapman Walsh Alumnae Hall.

Photo by Jennifer Lyon-Mackie ‘18