Marta Rainer '98 and Nora Hussey Discuss Their Love of Theater and Their Work at Wellesley

May 9, 2016
Nora Hussey and Marta Rainer '98

For the past several weeks, our Monday Daily Shot StoryCorps series has been devoted to sharing conversations about Wellesley's effect on the lives of its students and alumnae. This week, Marta Rainer '98 and Nora Hussey, director of Wellesley College Theatre and director of the theatre studies program, discuss their love of theater and work at Wellesley.

"Theater for me became very early on, a haven. And I believe very much in theater as a family...," Hussey said.

"...I feel like you've always tried to create an atmosphere here that is that kind of family atmosphere where there's a consistency, there's expectation, challenge...," said Rainer.

Rainer later continued, "...there's this seeking for deeper knowledge of self through the stories that we explore on the stage. And I think you really inculcated that in me when I was a student here. Then you hired me!"

"It's funny how that works out," Hussey said.

"Yeah, so now we're colleagues and friends," Rainer responded.

Listen to an excerpt of their conversation.

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