Arts and Culture at Wellesley, Fall 2016

August 30, 2016

From hula to hip-hop, Shakespeare to dark comedy, ancient artifacts to midcentury modern architecture, the arts and cultural programming at Wellesley this season spans myriad time periods, continents, and topics.

At Wellesley, the arts and humanities are integral to our interdisciplinary approach to a liberal arts education. Their study allows us to understand and preserve our history, share our cultural experiences, and approach complex problems creatively. Whether in the art studio or the science lab, Wellesley students experience open-ended inquiry and an ongoing exchange between thinking and doing, creative exploration and discovery. 

To enhance that experience, the College invites artists and scholars to campus to share their insights and their work, and we invite the general public to enjoy many of those events with us. This season’s Arts and Culture at Wellesley Calendar—available across campus and online—lists a broad range of events, including the following:

  • A week-long music residency with Hawaiian cultural group Hālau o Keikiali`i, including preparation with Hui o Hawai`i for the student organization’s first representation in Flower Sunday.Public programs include a midday muse, a lei-making workshop, and a feature concert.

  • The reinstallation of the Davis Museum’s permanent collections, The Davis ReDiscovered, featuring its finest objects from across the globe and spanning more than four millennia of civilization, including newly restored and newly acquired works on view at the Davis for the first time.

  • A two-day symposium exploring the history and preservation of midcentury modern buildings on American college and university campuses, with a focus on Wellesley’s Jewett Arts Center.

  • Returning favorite Actors From The London Stage, performing Richard III.

  • A series of lectures, demonstrations, and performances hosted by the Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities that draw from, and reflect on, Indian aesthetics.

  • Ten film screenings (including two with the director in attendance), around 30 musical events, many lectures by esteemed visitors (including Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Robert L. Green, and Pasi Sahlberg), and more.

For complete information, please pick up a copy of the Arts and Culture at Wellesley Calendar from one of the stands around campus, or view it online. For current event information, please visit us often at