Videos Highlight Four Members of the Class of 2016's "First Day" and "Last Day (Almost)"

May 24, 2016
Red decorations, for the red class of 2016, decorate the Wellesley College Science Center.

Seniors recently celebrated their last day of classes with some pretty spectacular decorations and cheered the last day of finals. It is Commencement week and, as the seniors’ last day as Wellesley students approaches, we look at the journey of four members of the class through a snapshot of their first day on campus and one of their last.

In 2012, Wellesley interviewed a group of randomly chosen first-year students and their families. In the video, aptly titled “First Day,” Allison Steitz '16, Saraphin Dhanani '16, Allie Carbonaro '16, and Jordan Moseley '16 spoke about their interests, hopes, and dreams for their time at Wellesley. Four years later, those students are graduating and, in a video titled “Last Day (Almost),” they discussed their experiences.

Steitz, in 2012, professed to have "all kinds of crazy ambitions." While at Wellesley, she was selected as a 2015 Albright Fellow, choosing to work for the summer at an NGO in South Africa. "I've grown more than I could ever even imagine," Steitz, a political science major, said in the 2016 video. "I'm very interested in social entrepreneurship. I hope to go to business school at some point."

Dhanani, on her first day, said she could see herself "networking with the most phenomenal women in the world," and shared that she hoped to eventually serve as Pakistan’s Foreign Minister. While at Wellesley she majored in political science and economics, and interned at the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Washington, D.C. That internship led to an internship at the White House. "I think I've really changed in the way I see myself," she said. "I've become more interested in being [an] ambassador, specifically to the Muslim world."

In 2012, Carbonaro shared that she would like to run for public office someday (at the time quipping, "hopefully you'll all vote for me..."). In her four years, she participated in the Wellesley in Washington program and also served as House President. An international relations and political science major, she said she wants to go to law school and still plans to run for office one day.

Moseley, who entered Wellesley with an interest in becoming an OBGYN, majored in Women's and Gender Studies with a concentration in Public Health and Bioethics. She is still pre-med and said she is on the path of wanting to pursue medicine but, "just in a different light."

"I know our ambitions will all collide and one day we're going to take on the world," Dhanani predicted in 2012. In 2016, Moseley declared, "I am ready to go out into the world and make a real difference."

Find the "First Day" video on the Wellesley College YouTube channel.