Paper Silhouettes by Amanda Manning ’18 Highlight the Artistry of Running

Amanda Manning ’18 created paper silhouettes that evoke the artistry and athleticism of a runner clearing a hurdle.
June 7, 2017

Global Running Day—celebrated the first Wednesday in June—encourages people to reaffirm their commitment to the sport or to start running as part of a healthy lifestyle. The benefits, of course, are well known, and include decreased stress, a stronger core, and even protection against breast cancer.

Yet for many Wellesley students, running can seem rather mundane. That’s one reason Amanda Manning ’18, an architecture and Spanish double major, created the silhouettes pictured above, which evoke the artistry and athleticism of a runner clearing a hurdle.

Manning, an outfielder for the Blue softball team, used construction paper and a laser cutter to create these and other images last semester in ARTS 216: Spatial Investigations, taught by Andrew Mowbray, lecturer in art. “Amanda was interested in how athletics often goes unseen on campus but is a large part of many Wellesley students’ experiences at the College,” said Mowbray.

“I wanted to showcase our athletics in academic spaces to try to highlight another part of Wellesley that other students might forget about,” Manning explained. “I also wanted to catch other athletes’ eyes and show them their hard work as student-athletes doesn’t go unnoticed.”

The silhouettes, which have been displayed in Clapp Library, the Science Center, Jewett, Pendleton West, and Green Hall, feature various sports and have caught the attention of many students, as well as faculty and staff.

“This project was really personal,” Manning said. “I’m so glad people have enjoyed my little silhouettes!”