Pendleton West Renovations Continue with New Landscaping

Pendleton Walk
June 19, 2017

The renovation of Pendleton West continues, with new landscaping taking shape. Facilities Management expects this part of the project, which includes the outdoor garden pictured here and the reopening of nearby sidewalks, to be completed in late June.

The extensive overhaul of the building, begun in 2015, encompassed the renovation of existing space and the creation of an approximately 10,000-square-foot addition, accessible entries to the Academic Quad, and bridges and passages that connect Pendleton West to the Jewett Arts Center. The addition will also feature green roofs that will be visible from adjacent buildings.

Earlier this year, classes began moving into the redesigned space, which brings together various disciplines and promotes creative dialogue and collaboration across the arts. New features include a music salon and large music hall, rehearsal spaces, art studios, and faculty and staff offices to accommodate the needs of traditional and emerging media programs, including printmaking, painting and drawing, papermaking, woodworking and metal sculpture, photography, video, and digital arts.

Pendleton was named for Wellesley’s first alumna president, Ellen Pendleton, class of 1886, who served as College president for 25 years. The building housed the sciences when it opened in 1934. The word “Chemistry,” engraved over the main entrance, remains.