Wellesley Welcomes the Green Class of 2021

first-years and their parents at the president's welcome
August 30, 2017

While her parents unloaded the family vehicle and carried her belongings to her dormitory room inside Severance Hall, Angela Unubun paused to let the emotions wash over her. 

“This is a dream-like moment,” said Unubun, of Lynn, Mass. “I always wanted to come to Wellesley and here I am. The atmosphere is so supportive. I’m not just a college student but a member of a community.”

Unubun’s impressions were a common theme among her classmates who were also moving into their new homes at Wellesley.

There were many smiles and a few tears on the faces of students and their parents during Move-In Day, when Wellesley welcomed students from the Class of 2021 to campus.

Annalise Michaelson, from Baltimore, also reflected on what the day meant to her. “Gosh, I’m so excited,” she said, while standing on the sidewalk next to the Hazard Quad. “I’m frazzled from the moving in experience and also from just being here at my new home. It is a lot to take in.”

Overall, approximately 600 first-year students will arrive on campus for the new year. International students arrived on Monday. A convoy of cars, vans and SUVs could be seen winding through campus, loaded with clothing and supplies that the students will use during the school year. Waiting for them were student orientation leaders and members of the college staff to help them.

Francis Mojica, from the Bronx, loaded up her vehicle and left at 4:30 a.m. to bring her daughter, Tyler Vargas, to move in. “She has had her sights set on Wellesley since she was a freshman in high school,” said Mojica outside Pomeroy Hall.

Vargas said she was drawn to Wellesley because of its inclusive all-women community. She had already been in contact with her roommate on Facebook. “I like that I will have connections with Wellesley women after college and support during my time here,” said Vargas who plans to study bioengineering.

The day brought many emotions. As Rahul Anand walked in front of Pomeroy Hall, he spoke proudly of his daughter Shraddha but his words were tinged with slight sadness.

“We’re from India but moved to Washington, D.C. years ago, leaving all or our relatives in our native country,” he said. “We’re very close knit and now our daughter is leaving home for the first time. We will miss her but she is in a good place. We feel good about it. Wellesley is where she wanted to study and besides, it’s not far from Washington,” he said.

Wellesley’s thoughts and prayers are with the 23 first-year students who live in areas affected by Tropical Storm Harvey, many of whom were unable to join us on campus today. We look forward to welcoming them to Wellesley as soon they are able to arrive.