Jada Wiltz ’22 Receives Warm Welcome to Wellesley

Jada Wiltz reads on a computer that she was accepted to Wellesley and celebrates with her family and friends.
Photo provided by TODAY/NBC
March 30, 2018

When Jada Wiltz '22 tweeted a video of her joyful reaction to learning she was admitted to Wellesley on March 21, she could not have predicted the incredible reaction she would receive.

The video was shared more than 15,000 times across social media. Thousands of well-wishers offered congratulations, and Wellesley students, alumnae, faculty and staff welcomed her to the Wellesley community.

Soon, local and national media took notice. Wiltz was interviewed by The Boston Globe, and her video was featured in articles on Essence magazine’s website and on an NBC affilate station in Dallas-Ft. Worth. On March 26, “The Today Show” ran a segment titled, “The moment one high schooler found out she was accepted to Wellesley College.”

Though pleased by the reaction to her video, Wiltz does not want all of the attention to be on her. She told The Boston Globe that she hopes her viral video will inspire younger students.

“I don’t want what I did to be the focal point,” she said. “I want it to be encouragement and just more than me. I want it to reach other people that don’t have the confidence or courage to apply to colleges like Wellesley.”