Wellesley Student Leaders Take an End of Summer Break to Enjoy Nature

Three students sit at the Academic Quad in Adirondack Chairs, talking.
September 4, 2018

Student Leaders have spent the last week helping new students to move in, find their way to various buildings, and guide them as they settle into college life. In between the many orientation activities, they find moments to enjoy the beautiful campus.

Under the shade of the impressive trees in the middle of the Academic Quad, Student Leaders Hanamei Shao ’21, Rachel Hodes ’21, and Kalyani Saxena ’20 enjoyed a moment of respite and animated conversation while testing the new Adirondack chairs. “It’s like someone knew to put these here for us,” said Shao, an Ask-Me. “We love it!” said First-Year Mentor Saxena.

Henry Fowle Durant, who founded the College in 1870, believed that Wellesley students should be educated in the midst of beauty. As such, the natural landscape is central to the College’s identity. Durant, more than anyone, would have encouraged today’s students to take advantage of Wellesley’s welcoming green spaces.