Balance Health Educators Host Sleep Health Panel, Bringing Focus to the Importance of Sleep in Overall Health and Wellness

March 7, 2019

On March 5, the Balance Health Educators hosted “The BHEs and the ZzZ’s,” a panel discussion stressing the importance of sleep as a central pillar of an effective wellness regimen. Panelists discussed links between memory, learning, and sleep, as well as the ways sleep impacts mood, relationships with friends and family, and levels of support. The panelists – Claudia Trevor-Right, assistant director of health education; Sheilah Shaw Horton, dean of students; and psychology professor Amy Ni – used personal stories and scientific studies to focus on how health and wellness helps cultivate resilience, resolve, and emotional balance. Each panelist offered examples of how she has sometimes struggled to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, and offered strategies for establishing steady sleep habits.

Students stand around a table with dress up props on it.

The Balance Health Educators discuss best sleep practices in the comfort of their pajamas.

The panel speaks to an audience of students and staff.

Trevor-Right (right) shares her sleep story as a college student and now as a professional. She and her co-panelists also discussed some of the roadblocks to developing and sustaining healthy sleep habits, and offered strategies for overcoming them.

A poster that says, "How many hours do you sleep? and How is your mood?"

Balance Health Educators encourage attendees to develop a consistent sleep schedule and manage rest on a daily basis rather than attempt to catch up on it each weekend.

Five figures wear slippers.

Staff and faculty, including Horton (center), show off their swanky sleep gear while huddling to talk tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy sleep routine.