After Record-Breaking April Showers, May Flowers Bloom at Wellesley

Students walk on a pathway framed by a Wellesley lamp post and pink, blooming trees.
May 7, 2019

After being soaked by record-breaking April showers, students walking through campus on May 6 could enjoy the sun (finally!) and the sight of Wellesley in full bloom, including dark pink crabapple flowers and light pink azaleas, during the last week of classes.

It rained for 21 days in April in the Boston area, the most on record since 1872. But while it may seem like the proverb “April showers bring May flowers” rang true here this spring, that’s not necessarily the case, according to Suzanne Langridge, director of the Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative.

“The proverb probably does not hold as true in New England,” said Langridge. “Most of the annual plants are more affected by rainfall that occurred when they were planted, and perennial plants are affected by rainfall throughout the year, not just the month before. Weather, rainfall, and sunlight can all affect the timing of our spring flowers.”