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Wellesley has more than 350 leading scholars and public intellectuals who provide groundbreaking research and informed perspectives available nowhere else, as well as analysis on global issues. Wellesley Media Relations can quickly connect reporters and producers to Wellesley Experts who have the answers and context they need.

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Visiting Lecturer of Women’s and Gender Studies

Leigh Gilmore, Distinguished Visiting Professor of women’s and gender studies, is the author of Tainted Witness: Why We Doubt What Women Say About Their Lives. She studies and writes at the intersection of law, literature, and feminist theory. Her previous books include The Limits of Autobiography: Trauma and Testimony, Autobiographics: A Feminist Theory of Self-Representation, and Autobiography and Postmodernism. Her articles have been featured in Feminist Studies, Signs, Women’s Studies Quarterly, and Biography. She's been recently interviewed in the Boston Globe.

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Kathryn Wasserman Davis Professor of Slavic Studies and Professor of History

Nina Tumarkin, Kathryn Wasserman Davis Professor of Slavic Studies and professor of history, is a historian of Russia who has researched the Soviet era; her books include The Living and the Dead: The Rise and Fall of the Cult of World War II in Russia and Lenin Lives!

Kariann E. Goldschmitt, latin american, music, african, wellesley
Assistant Professor of Music

Kariann Goldschmitt, assistant professor of music, is an ethnomusicologist and popular music scholar who, in addition to writing for academic publications, contributes to magazines and blogs like Sounding Out! and S

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