Tony Matelli: Sleepwalker

This February, the Davis Museum opens Tony Matelli: New Gravity, the first U.S. exhibit featuring the work of the eponymous sculptor, who is known for his innovative representations of hyper-realistic figures in surreal situations. While most of installations are housed inside the Davis, two -- Sleepwalker and Stray Dog -- are installed outside on campus grounds. Sleepwalker, in particular, has generated a lively discussion on campus about art, gender, sexuality, and individual experience, both on campus and in social media and national press. 

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News Coverage

"Lifelike man-in-underwear causing controversy at Wellesley College." The Today Show (NBC). February 5, 2014.

"Realistic statue of man in his underwear at Wellesley College sparks controversy." February 4, 2014. 

Photos for Journalists

Tony Matelli, Sleepwalker (Credit: Sarah Xu, Davis Museum) Link to High-Resolution Photo

Tony Matelli, "Sleepwalker" (Credit: Sarah Xu, Davis Museum)

Tony Matelli, "Josh"