Media Coverage of Open Faculty Letter to Peking University

Peking University

Wellesley College has received extensive media coverage on the matter of PKU economics Professor Xia Yeliang. Coverage includes more than 200 articles since September 11, 2013, after members of Wellesley faculty sent an open letter to Peking University expressing their support of Professor Xia and academic freedom. The following media highlights represent key news and editorial coverage following the faculty letter.

The New York Times (US), 2/10/14

The New York Times (US), 12/12/13 (US), 12/2/13

Inside Higher Ed (US) 11/22/13

The Christian Science Monitor (US), 11/10/13

Inside Higher Ed (US), 11/08/13

Inside Higher Ed (US), 11/07/13

The Washington Post (US), 10/27/13

The New York Times (Beijing bureau), 10/25/13

The Wall Street Journal (US) 10/25/13

Chronicle of Higher Education (US) 10/24/13

Inside Higher Ed (US), 10/24/13

The Wellesley News (US), 10/23/13

Epoch Times (Int'l), 10/23/13

Inside Higher Ed (US), 10/23/13

The Atlantic (US), 10/22/13

Xinhua Net (China), 10/22/13
(also see: English Translation)

The New York Times (US), 10/21/13

ITV (UK, China Bureau), 10/21/13

The Guardian (UK), 10/21/13

Inside Higher Ed (US), 10/21/13

Agence France-Presse (Beijing), 10/20/13

The Wall Street Journal (U.S.), 10/20/13

The Telegraph (Shanghai Bureau), 10/20/13

Voice of America (US), 10/20/13

Chronicle of Higher Education (US), 10/19/13

Reuters (Beijing Bureau), 10/19/2013

The Washington Post (US), 10/19/13

New York Times (US), 10/19/13

Chronicle of Higher Education (US), 10/18/13