MyinTuition College Cost Estimator

Wellesley’s Simplified Cost Estimator Reveals Greater Options in College Choice

Arne Duncan tweet A revolutionary online tool created by Wellesley is ensuring that all families have quick and easy access to the information they need to make decisions about college affordability. The tool, launched in 2013, is called
My inTuition, and it is changing how families approach elite colleges and financial aid by giving students a simple, accurate, and personalized estimate of their expected cost to attend the College. The cost estimator promises to have a profound effect by persuading more and more families to consider colleges they assumed they could not afford. After a flurry of national media coverage, word of its utility quickly spread. Williams College and the University of Virginia have announced that they have implemented the groundbreaking tool, and other colleges are lining up to soon follow suit.

Created by Wellesley's Katharine Coman and A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Economics Phillip B. Levine, My inTuition is the quickest college cost calculator available to the public. The New York Times declares “Wellesley’s calculator is a significant step in the growing effort to spread accurate information about college costs.” And numerous media outlets (the Associated PressThe Chronicle of Higher EducationThe Boston GlobeNewsweek/The Daily BeastBostInno) have covered the tool and Wellesley’s leadership in making it available, especially for lower-income families.

"With Williams' and U.Va.'s adoption of the tool, we hope that more students and families will realize that top colleges are within reach for any qualified student, regardless of their financial situation,” said Joy St. John, Wellesley's Dean of Admission and Financial Aid. 

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