Staff Leadership Development Program Starts Brewing

March 5, 2012


Wellesley College Human Resources today announced that it would begin accepting applications and nominations for The Wellesley College Leadership Development Program, a pilot program that will offer an opportunity for a selected group of administrative staff members to sharpen their supervisory, management, and leadership skills; to work on cross-institutional initiatives; and to prepare for future leadership roles at Wellesley. 

The year-long pilot will comprise a cohort of approximately 15 administrative staff from across the College selected by the senior leadership team. Selection will focus on those who, in addition to excelling in their role, have demonstrated an interest in broadening their contribution to the College and continuing their professional development. The cohort will reflect a diversity of roles and functions at the College.

Employees may self nominate, or nominate someone they have worked with. Department heads and managers may nominate outstanding employees whom they believe meet the following criteria:

  • interest in broadening their contribution to the College;
  • ability to collaborate;
  • commitment to continuing their professional development;
  • commitment to bettering the College as a whole.

The program will consist of eight workshop days distributed over two terms. The first term will focus on supervision and management skills, and the application of new skills and tools to participants’ current experience in work situations. The second term will broaden to leadership concepts and practices and will include cross-functional learning projects.

Participants must be capable of providing comprehensive feedback on the program as it evolves; feedback provided by this year’s group will help shape future programs. These will be designed to strengthen the level of supervisory and management skill at the College and encourage cross-functional collaboration and creative problem solving.

As this is the first year a program like this has been offered, HR anticipates a high number of applications. Given the limited number of spaces, not all applications can be accepted. Applicants not chosen for this year’s pilot program are encouraged to apply for future programs. 

For more information, or to submit a nomination for yourself or a colleague, visit the “Wellesley College Leadership Development Program” website. The nomination period closes March 31.