Wellesley Students Competed in The Cable Show 2012's App Development Contest

June 6, 2012

Student teams from MIT, Stanford, Rutgers, Wellesley and Pace competed to develop innovative new tablet and/or smart phone applications at The Cable Show 2012, an international event sponsored by The National Cable and Telecommunications Association. Kristian Tran '13 (captain), Emily Lin '14, Veronica Lin '15, and Stephanie Lee '14, also known as Team Wellesley, placed third in the competition. 

The teams had 48-hours to move from idea to a functioning application, then each team demonstrated their applications to a panel of judges made up of cable operators, programmers and established software companies.

WBUR’s Kurt Nickisch spoke with the team at the event about what it was like to compete in that kind of environment. “This is really intense and it was really inspiring because it encouraged us to really try our best,” Emily Lin told WBUR. “Not like we weren’t already, but it was definitely a huge help.”

Listen to the story on WBUR’s Web site.

Team Wellesley developed a mobile app called "WorkOut Buddy," which is designed to provide users with a new way of communicating with friends and promoting a healthy lifestyle with fitness activities. The app will give users the opportunity to create a continuous workout regime that stems from the competitiveness and social aspects generated by the application.

Watch all of the teams present their apps on The Cable Show Web site (Team Wellesley begins their presentation at about the 11 minute 15 second mark).

The Cable Show 2012 was held in Boston, Massachusetts from May 21-23 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. More information about The Cable Show 2012 can be found at 2012.thecableshow.com.

Boston Herald subscribers can also read about the competition in their May 23 article "MIT, Wellesley teams do well at cable hackathon."