Regeneration Farm Recognized in Local Press

July 10, 2012

BostInno recently recognized nine student blogs "that keep you salivating." Among them it noted Regeneration Farm, whose blog is titled Organic Farming at Wellesley. The blog documents the progress of organic farming initiatives at Wellesley College, as well as the progress of crops grown on a community plot near campus.

Its lush photos of vegetables and fruit turn the healthiest of foods into eye candy. Its friendly farmers share the highs and lows and laughs that come with small scale agriculture, served with a side of food justice issues in and beyond the community. Summer farm managers Meg McClure '15 and Ellen Bechtel '14 have been the main bloggers for the farm, taking over from Genevive Goldleaf '12 who ran the blog last summer.

Says McClure: "The blog is an important part of our outreach to the broader community. This summer we're really trying to get involved with students on campus, through the blog, workshares, and farm stands. Because the plot is off-campus, students are unlikely to just stumble upon it, but we hope that if they manage to stumble upon our blog, they'll be interested  in what we're doing on the farm and want to learn more." And, in the end, the blog is about food (albeit in its early stages) and food is a proven attraction to students!

"For me personally," adds McClure, "I've really enjoyed how working on the Regeneration Farm this summer has allowed me to connect with other Wellesley students around the ideas of sustainable food and agriculture, and I'm excited to continue being the farm manager during the coming school year."

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