That's a Lot of Friends!

July 27, 2012

Wellesley College's main Facebook site this week surpassed 10,000 likes, the measure comparable to "friends" for an organization's page.

That's particularly gratifying as the Facebook presence had fewer than 6,000 such connected fans 18 months ago. A growing population of FB users across all age groups, combined with a steady flow of creative and compelling posts, has brought alumnae, students, families, prospectives, and others to join ranks with the College on Facebook.

Christina Pong '09, online content producer in Wellesley College's communication and public affairs department, serves as Wellesley's Facebook (and Twitter) lead; she is assisted this summer by Nathalie Davidson '14.

Have you visited Wellesley's social media sites lately? Check out Facebook and Twitter (@WellesleyNews), as well as The Wire, a site for and about students.