Summertime Means Prospective Students Are Looking

August 3, 2012

August is high season for college visits by high school students and their families, and Wellesley gets its share of this traffic. This week alone, more than 100 visitors toured the campus on one day; another day saw half that many; on yet another an organized bus tour of visitors from China came for a tour.

Visiting is such a good idea. There is only so much to be conveyed by websites and catalogs. The history and expansive beauty of Wellesley’s campus are something to experience—even worthwhile for those not in the going-to-college market! Wellesley tours last about an hour, and are led by Wellesley students who are knowledgeable about the facts of the College and are steeped in the real experience of being a student here, in addition to being very skilled at walking backwards. One guide, Shirley Li ’15 from Roslyn Heights, N.Y., says the hardest thing about being a guide isn’t walking upstairs backwards while addressing a crowd, but “condensing my experience of being a student here, and all of my friends’ stories, into one hour.”

Li has been working for the Admission Office this summer, with a team of other guides. One of her colleagues, Amy Wang ’13 from Lexington, Mass., has been a campus guide for more than two years. Both embrace the challenges of the job and thoroughly enjoy the people they meet from all over the world. Wang says, “There are days that you are just tired... and you don't want to walk across the whole campus... in the pouring rain. But you pull yourself together, and you put on a big smile, and it's all worth it in the end! The people you meet on tours are truly fantastic.”

Wang herself didn’t come on a tour as a prospective student, but did come to Spring Open Campus, which takes “tour” to an interactive new level. As for Li: “I was that miserable girl who was forced by my own parents to visit the school and go on a tour… I was probably very unpleasant, and to whomever was my tour guide I truly do apologize! I was extremely impressed with the Science Center though, and I came to love Wellesley despite my small rebellion against my parents’ wish to enjoy the school.”

Now Li is on the other side of the fence entirely. She says, “I love giving tours and talking about Wellesley!” Wang echoes her enthusiasm, saying, “It's always such a rewarding experience to be able to make a difference in a student who was maybe on the fence about coming to Wellesley. I love being able to answer their questions, and help them get a better sense of what our school is like. I recently received a postcard in the mail from a girl who came on one of my tours!”

Wellesley’s Admission Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (plus some Saturdays in the fall and spring), all year long. Summer is obviously convenient for visiting when folks are on vacation or traveling in the area, and visitors are likely to meet other prospective students then. For those eager to meet Wellesley students, you’ll find more of them when classes are in session. For more information, call the Admission Office at 781.283.2270. You'll find the Admission Calendar helpful if you're planning a visit to campus. See also Tours, Info Sessions, Overnights, Class & Lunch Visits.