For Affordability, Academics, and Unparalleled Opportunities, Wellesley Shines

August 21, 2012

Wellesley College has been recognized as one of the nation’s top colleges by the Princeton Review, Forbes, and—most importantly—its students.

The Princeton Review named Wellesley College in several “top 10” lists in its guidebook, BEST 377 COLLEGES – 2013 EDITION. According to The Princeton Review’s annual survey of more than 122,000 students, Wellesley is among the very top colleges for “Best Classroom Experience,” and “Most Accessible Professors.” Students gave high marks to the faculty, placing Wellesley among the top three schools for professors.

The Princeton Review quoted students: “Since Wellesley is all about ‘supporting women who will run the world,’ students are ‘very well taken care of here,’ finding themselves part of  ‘a great community that encourages and frees women to find their inner strength.’ Coupled with ‘amazing financial aid’ and study abroad opportunities, the college ‘is a sup­portive, engaging, and downright fun community.’”

The guidebook reported high praise for faculty and the Wellesley classroom experience. According to students quoted in the 2013 edition, “These ‘masters of their fields’ offer ‘an immense amount of resources and time’ to their students, and that classes ‘combine the perfect balance of lecture and discussion to keep them engaging’.” The book recognized Wellesley’s unparalleled access to faculty and opportunities to participate in research. One student told The Princeton Review, “My name will be published alongside the professor for whom I worked in her next book!”

The Princeton Review also noted the high “return on investment” of the Wellesley education and its network: “Alumnae stick together, and Wellesley’s support system and alumnae network ‘guarantee you a top spot in places you are interested in, or at least some guidance on how to get in there.’”

In other categories, Wellesley ranked among the top ten for being most “LGBT-Friendly” and for, shall we say, least likely to host a party where too much drinking occurs.

The Princeton Review was not alone in recognizing Wellesley as a leading school. Forbes included Wellesley in its 2012 of America’s Top Colleges placing the school at #16 among all U.S. colleges and universities.