Wellesley Women Share Their Stories of Connection, Support, and Confidence

November 9, 2012

Personal stories illustrate why some call Wellesley's network of alumnae the most powerful women's network in the world.

This new website gathers (and will continue to compile) brief videos in which alumnae recall connections they've made with other Wellesley women in the course of their careers. As Betsy Wood Knapp '64 says, "I can't underestimate the power of the connections that are made through Wellesley, through this network."

Anjum Asharia '10 brings a recent grad's perspective: "Wellesley alums have been amazing advocates of the work I do," but adds that it's gratifying to be able to offer help to others even as a younger alum, with insight into her industry or city.

Click through the site and meet some remarkable women.