December 14, 2012
After operating in high gear in the weeks leading up to finals week, Wellesley students in recent decades have developed an end-of-semester tradition: Primal Scream. At midnight on the last day of reading period, students stop what they're doing, step outside, and let it all out. Listen!
One student told us, "Even though I haven't actually participated, you can still hear it when it happens, especially in Tower Court. Students go outside and scream for a couple of minutes, and then rush back inside to escape the cold. Some just stick their head out their window and join in!"
That release of tension is welcome, as are some more mellow end-of-semester practices like Moonlight Breakfast, a tradition supported by dining services.
On Sunday, December 16, from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm, the Bates Dining Hall offers this expansion on the traditional "breakfast" menu for students:
  • Breakfast Fajitas
  • Milk Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • Make Your Own Trailmix Bar
  • Frost Your Own Cupcake Bar—four flavors of cupcakes, three flavors of icing, and eight different toppings!
  • Make Your Own Parfait Bar—four different kinds of yogurt, three different kinds of pudding, and 13 different toppings!

Students will be powered up for finals week!