How to Record Your Story

We invite all alumnae to participate using the StoryCorps App.

  1. Download StoryCorps’ free app on your smartphone or computer. For more information, visit
  2. Log in to Wellesley College’s account. (Email for the credentials.)
  3. Invite someone you care about to sit down with you for a conversation.
  4. Provide a description and photo and, if you like, share your story.
  5. When uploading, you’ll be prompted to assign keywords, places, and organizations to your interview. Under Organizations, type Wellesley College.

The suggested questions that follow are intended to help you start a great conversation that illuminates your experience at Wellesley. We encourage you, however, not to feel constrained by these suggestions and to follow the conversation wherever it may lead.

Who had a particularly significant influence on you at Wellesley?

How did you change as a person as a result of your time here? How did that change help you make an impact?

Can you describe a time when you used what you learned at Wellesley to create meaningful change?

What do you hope for Wellesley to achieve in the next 50 years?