Surveys & Reports

Learn more about our students' and alumnae experiences and perceptions. 

It is important to learn from our students and alumnae through surveys and other data collection efforts. Wellesley community members may access OIR Reports, a resource that is also accessible via the Wellesley Portal homepage under "Important Links".

Photo: Clock in front of laptop on a desk (Time for Surveys)


Surveys in the Field (Wellesley Credentials Required)

Administrative offices are encouraged to consult with OIR before administering surveys to the Wellesley community. External researchers must seek institutional approval from OIR in order to conduct research using Wellesley students, faculty, or staff as subjects. Please review the OIR Data Policies for more details.

Completed Surveys 

Enrolled Student Survey 2019 (Wellesley Credentials Required)

Senior Survey 2018 (Wellesley Credentials Required)

Entering Student Survey 2016

Parents Survey 2016