Career Paths

The following interactive visualization illustrates the powerful flexibility of a liberal arts degree from Wellesley College.

It is based on a survey sent in spring 2013 to alumnae from 5 to 45 years (in 5-year intervals) post-graduation.

Each of the 12 segments on the left side of the circle represents a group of majors that alumnae might have elected, and each of the 12 segments on the right represents a group of careers into which they might have moved.  The nearly 1500 alumnae who reported on the survey that they worked, by industry, have individual arcs connecting their chosen majors (or each of their double majors) to their chosen careers.  The width of a major or career segment thus offers a measure of its popularity.

If you click on a label you will highlight the particular major or career and see how many alumnae traversed each path.  While it is true that a major in the visual or performing arts is most likely to result in a career in the arts or media, an economics major to one in finance or business, and a biology major to one in healthcare or science, in each case arcs led to careers across the spectrum. To get back to the composite career paths at any time, please click on the "Show composite career paths" link below.