[For Returning Students]

Welcome Back to Wellesley!

Here are a few items that require your attention to ensure a smooth transition back to campus:

  • Complete the Study Abroad Evaluation, available here.  Remember how useful it was to read through these before you left...share your impressions and advice with future travelers!
  • Make sure you have requested that an official copy of your study abroad transcript be sent to the Wellesley College Registrar.  Credits will be posted once both the transcript and your program evaluation have been received.  See below for more information on transferring credit.
  • If you want courses to count toward your major, minor or distribution requirements, complete a Transfer of Credit form (one for each class/requirement).  If you are a senior, you may skip this step for major and minor courses if they are listed on your major or minor confirmation form. 
  • Check in with your faculty advisor and class dean to plan courses for your remaining semesters at Wellesley.
  • Reminder about DuoBefore you return home, please read this webpage including information on how to use Duo when traveling, particularly if you used an alternative phone number while you were abroad: https://www.wellesley.edu/lts/duo/traveling 

  • View Showcasing Your International Experience (February 2021 Webinar), and also view additional resources below!

  • Before credit earned abroad can be posted to your Wellesley College transcript, the Registrar's Office must receive an official transcript from your study abroad program or host university.  It is your responsibility to make sure that the transcript is sent.  If credits have not appeared on your transcript by mid-semester, you should check with the Office of International Study to see if the transcript has been received.  If it has not, you should contact the study abroad program or host university to make sure that there are no problems (a financial hold, for example). 
  • Once the Registrar's Office receives the transcript, it is forwarded to the Office of International Studies, where credits will be allocated.  If you have questions about the number of credits or distribution credits that are posted to your Wellesley transcript, please contact the OIS. 
  • Courses you took abroad will appear on your transcript as Transfer Credit.  No grades will appear on the transcript or be factored into your GPA. However, graduate schools and employers may ask for the grades you earned abroad, in which case you will need to submit a copy of your program/host university transcript in addition to your official Wellesley transcript.  The Registrar is NOT able to release your study abroad transcript to a third party (unless you were enrolled in a Wellesley-administered program: Aix, PRESHCO, or ECCO).  Make sure you learn how to get additional transcripts from your study abroad semester or year now, and you may do well to request a few extra, which you can keep in sealed envelopes for future use.
Program Evaluations

Just as the SEQ's are essential for evaluating courses offered on campus, the Study Abroad Evaluation Form is essential for evaluating programs approved for Wellesley credit abroad.  Before your transcript is processed, you will need to complete the on-line evaluation form.  As you know, these are useful tools for students researching study abroad programs, and they are also an important tool for determining which programs will continue to be eligible for Wellesley.  We greatly appreciate your help with this.

Cultural Adjustment Issues

Students tend to think a lot about culture shock before they travel abroad, but not so much about the issues they will face when they return.  These are just as real and complex. Please contact the Office of International Studies if you have questions or concerns.  If you're interested in looking at cultural adjustment issues in more detail, log on to "What's Up With Culture?" an on-line cultural training resource for study abroad.

Reconnecting with your Academic Department

You should make an appointment to meet with your faculty advisor early in the semester to talk about what you did abroad and what remains to be done in your major.  Discuss with him/her the ways in which what you did abroad can best be used in your remaining time on campus.  Doing a 350/250 is one way that students can pursue academic interests developed while building relationships with Wellesley faculty members.

Be Part of the Tanner Conference

Many study abroad alumnae decide to do a presentation at Tanner showcasing their experience abroad.  This is a good way for you to reflect upon your time away and to "repackage" it for an audience of your peers. It is also a great way to help first and second year students learn about study abroad opportunities. Learn more about the Tanner Conference.

Be a Regular at OIS Events

The OIS sponsors a number of events during the course of the semester for returning and prospective study abroad students. Take a look at the calendar. We'd love to have you be a part of our on-going activities.

Come in for a Chat

We'd love to hear your stories, your impressions of your program, and any advice it might be useful to pass along to future travelers. Tell us how you think Wellesley can better prepare students for their time abroad and better service them while they are away. Stop in during open office hours or e-mail to make an appointment.

Think About Fellowships for Graduate Study, Attend the Lessons from Abroad Conference

Check the Career Education website to find out about graduate fellowships. Attend Lessons from Abroad: Study Abroad Returnee Conference on Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at Babson College to get more ideas. The OIS will refund your registration fee! Conference highlights include: meeting other recent study abroad returnees from all over New England, hearing from dynamic and motivating keynote speakers, learning how to talk about your newly acquired global skills in a job interview, discovering how you can work or study abroad after graduation, networking with professionals working in internationally-focused jobs, staying connected to and sharing stories about your study abroad experience.