Identity Abroad

What you will encounter abroad may not always be the same welcoming community that Wellesley offers. Different cultures are going to have different levels of sensitivity, but that does not mean you need to change anything about yourself to go abroad. Students who are a minority student in their host country sometimes receive additional attention, which may or may not be discrimination. You can talk with your host family and program to discuss issues that may arise while you are abroad and brainstorm solutions that both respect the host culture and your own identity. The following tips and resources may also help you prepare for your time abroad. Please note that all Wellesley students have access to the member-only resources on DiversityAbroad.org! We suggest looking at their online pre-departure module about identity. Please contact OIS if you have questions about accessing these resources:

Research Host Country Conditions

What types of laws are in place? What is the political climate? Learn as much as you can about the culture, religion, living and health conditions before you go so you know more of what to expect. 

  • Check out Diversity Abroad's Destination Guides. These guides include advice for specific identity groups, information about destination-specific funding opportunities, health and safety tips, and more.
  • IES Abroad's Country-Specific Resources include information such as dietary concerns, resources for racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ and religious identities, and disability and mental health support.
  • Read Brown University's survey of students' experiences with their identity in various locations around the world.
Read About Study Abroad Programs

This spreadsheet shows reviews by Wellesley students over the last 8 years that highlight diversity and LGBTQ+ standards abroad.

For Racial and Ethnic Minority Students

African-American/Black Students

Latinx Students

Asian/Asian-American Students

Native American Students

For First-Generation Students
For LGBTQ+ Students
For Students with Disabilities


Wellesley-specific resources:

For Economically Disadvantaged Students
Religious Diversity Abroad
  • Diversity Abroad's guide for Religious Identity
  • Islamic Finder: prayer times, Islamic organizations, and mosques worldwide
  • All Hindu Temples: Hindu temples in more than 50 countries
  • International churches: churches worldwide
  • World Buddhist Directory: Buddhist centers worldwide
  • KAHAL - Your Jewish Home Abroad: resources for students looking to be connected with Jewish communities around the world. In more than 55 countries, KAHAL also offers experiences and up to $250 microgrants for:
    • Jewish heritage tours
    • Holocaust education (Anne Frank House, visiting Poland)
    • Jewish holidays and events
    • DIY Jewish experiences
Health and Safety Tips
  • Yale's page on Sexual Harassment or Assault Abroad
  • Hamilton's page on Health and Safety Abroad
  • DiversityAbroad's tips on Managing Mental Health While Abroad
  • An IFSA student's blog about Mental Health Issues Abroad
  • IES Abroad's Dietary Resources page
Further Resources