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In collaboration with the Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative, OIS is excited to launch the Paulson International Study Fellowship for Spring 2023

In keeping with the innovative and multidisciplinary approach of the Paulson Initiative on campus, students traveling abroad will participate in a diverse array of activities that will enhance and enrich their understanding of the space that they will temporarily inhabit abroad as well as their place in the world. By furthering Paulson’s mission abroad, we seek to prepare students to be agents of change in whatever space they find themselves. 


  • Engage - To inspire Wellesley students to actively engage with and develop a sense of place within the natural environment of their study abroad destination 
  • Build - To encourage students to build meaningful connections with their local community through engaging with individuals and organizations whose work centers around issues of nature and sustainability
  • Share - To invite students to bring back learnings from their study abroad destination to share with the Wellesley community


This program is made possible by funding from the Paulson Initiative. 
Activities and Expectations

All Fellows will participate in the following activities:


In-Person Pre-Departure Meetings

From Late October to Mid-December, Fellows will come together in-person to discuss travel and sustainability practices abroad and to plan for their time abroad. 

Reflective Journal Prompts

Fellows will receive a journal prompt every other Monday. These prompts will invite students to carefully and thoughtfully consider the natural environment of their host destination and in so doing, reflect on their own experience abroad. Journal entries will be turned into "Notes from the Field" blog posts. 

Zoom Global Gatherings 

Once per month, students will briefly convene on Zoom to share reflections on their experience abroad, to remain connected to each other and the Wellesley community, and to discuss the status of their Local Engagement and Final Projects. 


Local Engagement Project

Students will connect and work with local individuals or organizations whose work centers on nature, environmental justice, or sustainability. An organization should be selected within 2-3 weeks of arrival. 

Potential organizations:

  • Local university student organization or office 

  • Local branch of international organizations such as Nature Conservancy and Climate Reality Project


Final Project

As a culmination of their experience and reflections throughout the semester, students will design and produce an individual project. Students will choose the final format and medium of their project according to their own interests and skills. The more creative the better! For example, projects could take the form of a photography exhibit, interpretive dance, op-ed, artwork, or poetry.

Showcase/Tanner Presentation

Upon return for campus in Fall 2023, students will 1) share their final project in a showcase and 2) present on a special panel during the Tanner Conference. 


October 2022 - Application deadline and selection of Fellows

November/December 2022 - Pre-Departure Meetings

January/February 2023 - Arrival in destination, begin journal prompts and Zoom meetings

February/March 2023 - Begin Local Engagement Project and Final Projects

May 2023 - Submit Final Project and Tanner proposal 

September 2023 - Participate in Paulson Showcase and Tanner Panel


Fellows will receive a stipend of $400 paid in two installments of $200.