Chelsey Baturin in Cameroon dancing at a traditional funeral
Gabrielle Van Tassel in Ireland
Kathy Long and friends having fun in the Bolivian Salt Flats

Check out blogs of Wellesley students currently or recently abroad!

Nearly half of Wellesley students study abroad at some point during their undergraduate career. Each one provides an interesting insight into aspects of cultural and language immersion, academics, extra curricular activities, social lives, and personal growth in students' particular study abroad locations and programs.

Country Term Program Blog
Chile Fall '15 Middlebury Schools Abroad - Valparaiso
Switzerland Fall '15 Smith in Geneva
Spain Year
CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts in Spain - Barcelona
Hungary Fall '15 CIEE Central European Studies in Hungary - Budapest
Multi Year
Columbia Two Cities (Paris, NYC)

Architectural Moments (Various Locations)