Summer Study Abroad

Wellesley College students may enroll in international summer programs for credit or for enrichment.

Those students who wish to earn credit toward their Wellesley College degree should seek approval for course work no later than May 1 to guarantee transfer credit. Students may transfer a maximum of four summer school units (not including units earned in the Wellesley Summer School) toward the 32 units required for graduation.

Transferring Credit

All students wishing to earn credit for international summer study must complete the Wellesley College Transfer of Credit Form, available on myWellesley (--> Students --> Administrivia), obtaining approval from both the Office of International Studies and the relevant Department Chair. The Office of International Studies will verify whether or not the program is eligible for credit at Wellesley and determine the credit value to be assigned to the individual courses. The Department Chair will determine whether or not the content of the course is appropriate for credit within his/her department.

Funding for Summer Study 

Normally, students will enroll in and pay for summer study independently of Wellesley, and regular financial aid packages do not apply. However, limited summer funding is available from Wellesley to support the following:

  • On the College Year in Athens program in Greece. (Phylactopolous Fund)
  • In any non-US destination for declared science majors (Slater Fund)

Priority is given to students who normally receive financial aid and have not otherwise had the opportunity to study abroad for credit, although all students who meet one of the criteria above are invited to apply. Please contact the OIS to request an application. Applications are due to the Office of International Study by 5pm on March 10, 2019 for study abroad in Summer 2019. Students need not be accepted to a study abroad program to apply but should have submitted an application.

Students interested in pursuing language study in Asia, and are currently enrolled in a relevant language course at Wellesley, may apply for a Mayling Soong Scholarship. Students interested in studying another language abroad may be eligible for funds from the relevant language department on campus, and information will be available from your language instructor.

In addition, US citizens are encouraged to apply to the following programs:

Selecting a Summer Program

Students may select from programs on Wellesley's list of pre-approved fall/spring programs, programs sponsored by other US colleges and universities,  or may do research to find a program that better suits their academic and personal needs. Students who choose a program that has not previously been approved may be required to submit a petition to the International Study Committee to earn credit for the program. Please check with the Director of International Study to see if this is the case for your program choice.