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Wellesley-in-Aix is  located in Aix-en-Provence a lively, charming city of 145,000 inhabitants located in southern France within easy distance of the Mediterranean coast and France's second largest metropolis, Marseille.  Home to Aix-Marseille University (AMU), the largest public university in France, Aix has a significant student population, including numerous international students enrolled at AMU and the Institute of Political Science also know as Sciences Po.  Wellesley-in-Aix is an immersion program designed for students in the humanities and social sciences with solid French skills who wish to increase their mastery of the language and knowledge of French culture via direct enrollment in the French university system and a homestay option.  All courses are in French, and students are expected to communicate in French with WIA staff and other participants.  Fall, Spring & Full-Year sessions are offered and include orientation sessions in Paris and Aix.

At a Glance

Wellesley-in-Aix Catalog

Students: 20-30 participants per semester, women and men, applications are accepted from both Wellesley and non-Wellesley students.  Typically students will apply to study abroad during their junior year but applications will be considered from sophomores and seniors who satisfy the pre-requisites.
Pre-Requisites: French 210 or French 211 for Wellesley students or the equivalent of 5-6 semesters of college-level French and demonstrated interest in France.  3.0 GPA in French courses and overall.
Academic Disciplines: Course offerings in the humanities and social sciences, including French and comparative literature, history, art history, film studies, psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and, at Sciences Po, political science, economics and international relations.
Session Dates
Full year: late August to mid May
Fall semester: late August - mid-January
Spring semester: late December to mid-May
Paris: shared rooms in a residence-hotel
Aix: Homestays with French hosts or a shared apartment with another program participant.
Cost:Wellesley Comprehensive Fee covers tuition costs, orientation sessions in Paris and Aix, housing, meals, $1,500 travel stipend, local transportation, cultural activities and group events, full-time on-site staff support and a program center with free wireless access, computer and cooking facilities and a small library.
Fall and Full Year - March 1
Spring - October 1

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