Students in the full-year program take a minimum of eight credits during the academic year, and fall or spring participants must take at least four credits which typically corresponds to 4 to 6 courses depending on the number of weekly contact hours.  All students receive Wellesley College course credits and a transcript for their study in France.

Each student organizes her/his own program of study in consultation with the Resident Director, who assists students in identifying relevant courses in the humanities, social sciences or science divisions. Students majoring in political science, economics, history or international relations may either enroll full-time at Sciences-Po Aix or combine AMU and IEP courses. Sciences Po also offers a year-long program that culminates in a special certificate or “Certificat d’études politiques” (CEP).

A number of WIA courses are also offered in translation and academic writing/methodology, art history, and international relations (spring). Art history offerings during the year consist of two different courses which focus on Provence and include site visits. Students typically enroll in four courses per semester and earn four units (16 credit hours) of Wellesley credit. Students who have met only the minimal French requirement for participation in the program may be required to enroll in the writing/methodology course, which includes grammar review and continued work on speaking and writing skills.

Note: Wellesley students who wish to fulfill the French and Francophone Studies department's translation requirement for the major in French are advised to take the translation course offered each semester in Aix (the equivalent of French 308 at Wellesley). Both the translation and writing/methodology course are taught by AMU professors and open only to WIA students.

Final selection of courses is made in Aix after consultation with the Resident Director who acts as the academic advisor and primary interlocutor between WIA and the local universities.

Depending upon enrollments, WIA may offer enhanced matriculation courses or bi-monthly group tutorials with AMU or Sciences Po professors who meet with WIA students and provide additional methodological support and assignments for extra credit. A WIA tutor is also available by appointment to work with individual students or small groups on their academic writing and presentation skills.

To see a list of courses taken by Wellesley-in-Aix participants from 2012-2020, please see our courses offered in Aix.

For more information on academics, please see the handbook for accepted students.