Courses Offered in Aix

Courses taken by Wellesley-in-Aix participants from 2012-2020.

Students are not allowed to take Studio Art and foreign language courses for credit.  At Sciences-Po students may not take courses in English, language courses or cours de méthode and are limited to two cours magistraux.

Aix-Marseilles University


Anthropology of Family Relations

Anthropology of Provence

Anthropology of Africa

Anthropology of Health

Anthropology of France

Anthropology of Religion

Anthropology of Migration

Anthropology of Gender & Sexuality

Introduction to Arabic & Muslim Worlds

Anthropology of the Americas

Anthropology of Asia & the Pacific Region

Anthropology of the Maghreb

Social and Biological Factors in Anthropology

Political Anthropology

Anthropology & Material Cultures

Anthropology of Health

Human and Social Geography

Languages, Cultures & Societies

Geography of Human Development

Islamic Cultures in France


Arabic Studies

Linguistics & Grammar


Contemporary Arab Word & Middle East

Art History

History of Contemporary Art

Muslim Art

Art History: Romanticism to Impressionism

Art History: Post-Impressionism to Surrealism

Art & Architecture: Ancient Greece & Rome

Art, Architecture and Gardens

Decorative Arts in Europe

European Arts in Modern Times

Architecture and Urban History in Provence

Art in the Hispanic World

Preserving Artistic Heritage

Art & Archeology in Antiquity

History of Modern Art

Art & Archeology of the Muslim World

Art & Archeology of the Byzantine World

Islamic Figurative Arts

Art & Archeology of Muslim Worlds

Introduction to Western Medieval Art

Chinese Studies

Chinese Civilization & History

Chinese Grammar

Contemporary China


Film Analysis

History of Cinema

Film Studies: Cinema Workshop

Aesthetics & History of Film

Contemporary French Cinema

Anthropology of Film

Power, Media, and Cinema


Regional Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa 

Introduction to Physical Geography


Women in Antiquity & the Middle Ages

Medieval History & Civilizations

Ideology & Beliefs in the Middle Ages

Political History in the Middle Ages


France-Africa Conflicts Since 1960

Demographic and Social History

Cultural History of Western Middle Ages

Cultural History of the Ancient Roman World

History of Media: 16th to 20th Century

Societies, Cultures & Beliefs: 16th-18th Centuries

History of Family Life in Europe

Modern History

Social & Cultural History of France: 19th & 20th Centuries

Urban Societies in the Industrial Age

Africa-Europe: Comparative Decolonization

History of Artistic & Intellectual Movements

Mediterranean Societies & Spaces

History of Contemporary Provence

Contemporary Political Ideologies

France & War in the 20th Century

Religions & Places of Worship in Ancient Times

Paganism, Judaism & Christianity in Antiquity

Historical Origins of Classical Judaism

Introduction to History of Christianity

Jews in France: Ancient Regime to the Revolution

Ancient History 2: Intro to the Greek Hellenistic World

Contemporary History 1: France in the 19th Century

The French Population: History & Debates of the 19th Century

Decolonization: History & Contemporary Issues

Ancient History: Greece & Rome

19th Century French History: Political, Social, Economic & Cultural

European History: 17th to 20th Century

History of Contemporary Judaism

History of Contemporary Maghreb

History of Contemporary Russia

History of French Population: 19th century

History of African Societies and Cultures

History of Arts & Literature

History of Contemporary Africa

History of Immigration in France

History of Decolonization and Contemporary Issues

History of Women and Gender: Middle Ages to 18th Century

African History, Societies & Cultures

Social and Economic History of the Middle Ages

Nations and Nationalism in 20th-Century Europe

19th & 20th Century African History

Sub-Saharan History before 1800

History of the Eastern Roman Empire

Religious History & Modern Europe

Contemporary Islam

History of Parenthood and Family

Contemporary African History

History of the Byzantine World

Contemporary French History


World Languages

Language, Culture & Society


Discourse & Pragmatics 

Brian & Language

Introduction to Modern French Syntax


Advanced Oral and Written French

French Academic Writing and Methodology

Contemporary Linguistics Theories

French Linguistics: History of Grammar & Language

Linguistic Analysis of Literary Texts

Diversity of World Languages

Sociolinguistics & Language Typology

Introduction to Linguistics

History & Phonology of French Language

Meaning and Language

Advanced Japanese: Grammar & Translation

Language, Style, and Orality

French Linguistics: Morphology

History of French Language & Grammar

French Linguistics: Syntax and Statistics

French Linguistics: Language Variation & Creolization

French Linguistics: Pragmatics/Discourse

French Linguistics: Phonology


French Literature: Representations of the Other

Comparative Literature: Rewriting of the Divine Comedy 

French Literature: Modern Poetry

French Novels & Reception Theory

Literature and the Arts: Discovering Opera

French Literature and Orality

Comparative Literture: Don Juan

Contemporary French Literature: WWI Novels

Modern French Literature

French Literature: Representations of Pre-Arthurian World

French Literature and Politisc: 17th to 20th Century

French Literature and Philosophy: 18th Century

Violence in Medieval French Literature

Readings in French Theater

Representations of the Misanthrope in Literature

Representations of Knowledge in Fiction

Crime & Revenge in Comparative Literature

New French Novel: Text, Films, Digital Media

French Novels & Narrative Voice

18th & 19th Century French Novels

French Theater of the 1950s

Representations of Heaven & Hell in Literature

Myths of Ulysses & Babel in Literature

Figure of Medea & Infanticide in Literature

French Literature: Narratives of Passion

Creole Literatures & Cultures

Narratives of Self-Invention: Languages & Music Related

Romanticism and Modernity in the 19th century Novel

Myth of the Savage in Literature

Medieval French Literature

Comparative Literature: Genres & Movements

French Literature: Classical French Theater

Representations of History in Theater (17th-20th cent)

Identity & the Self in Contemporary Fiction: Languages & Music

Medieval French Literature: Heaven & Hell

Representations of Women in Literature

Film Adaptations of Literary Works

Women's Destinies in French Literature

Comic Heroines in Literature

History of Literary & Artistic Movements: 18th to 20th Century

Representations of Africa in Contemporary French Literature

Intro to Foreign Language Teaching

Contemporary French Literature

French Literature & Orality

French Literature: Literature & Truth

Theory of Literary Genres

French Literature: Reality & Imagination


Ethnomusicology & Popular Music

History of Music, from Middle Ages to 20th Century

Analysis of 20th Century Music

History of 20th Century Music

History of Modern & Popular Music

Music & Orality


History & Philosophy of Science

History of Modern Philosophy 

Analysis of Philosophical Texts

Ethics & Society

Metaphysics & Ontology

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Logic

Theory of Knowledge

Philosophy and the Humanities

History of Ancient Philosophy: Plato


Individual Differences & Regulation

Cognitive Neuropsychology

Psychophysiology of Emotions

Social Psychology of Health and Work

Social Psychology

Psychology of Individual Differences and Regulation

Clinical & Cognitive Psychology

Social & Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Differential Psychology


Contemporary Theories in Sociology

Classical Sociology

Social Phenomena

Sociology of the City & the Environment

Introduction to Sociology & Socio-Economic Issues

Sociology of Organizations

Sociology of Books & Reading

Sociology of Education

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Social Concepts


Sciences Po

Political Science

French Public Institutions

Institutions of the European Union

Politics in the European Union

Conflict Resolution: Israel-Palestine

Ethics & Politics

Institutional Communication & Local Politics

Political Systems and Society

Theory of European Integration

Major Contemporary Political Issues

French Politics

French Elections and Voters



History of the European Union

History of Political Thought



History of Economics

Economics of Health

France's Economy

International Finance

International Economic Governance

European Economic Integration

International Economics

Multinational Firms and Globalization

Economics and Environmental Policy



Media & Society

Cinema & Politics

Communication & Media, Television & Photography

Images, Discourse & Social Representations

Images, Art & Politics



Culture & Society in France

Personnel Management and Organizational Change

Social & Cultural Anthropology

Religion and Politics

Civilizations, Cultures & Religions

Health, Social & Medical Policies

Society & Politics in Latin America

Sociology of Protest & Social Movements

Emotions, Society & Politics

Ethics, Health & Society

Sports & Society

Environmental Debates and Controversies



Comparative Law

Law & Secularism in France

Basic Human Rights & Freedoms

Fundamental Liberties

Protest Movements and Social Mobilization

Public Space and Collective Action

Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflicts


International Relations


Introduction to Latin America & the Caribbean

Geopolitics of the Mediterranean

Geopolitics of Southeast Asia

Socio-Political History - Spain and Latin America

Mediterranean History, Culture & Law

Comparative Government & Governance Systems

Legal Systems & Policies in the EU

France, French Territories, and Globalization

International Comparative Human Rights

France & the World

Contemporary China: Politics, Economy, and Society

French Foreign Policy

Politics & Society in Southern Europe

History of International Relations

Conflicts and Challenges in International Relations